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How to Create the Perfect Smoky Eye (Smokey Eye)

How to create the perfect Smoky Eye


The smoky eye looks often sported by stars in the road for galas and events is a favorite of the night to dress up your eyes. And while the smear and the mixture may not be simple enough to make blindfolded (not to mention the realization of the shape of the right wing), we searched a beauty expert to guide us on the path of slow burning, the perfection of the smoky eye.


Read Step by Step Guide for the Smokey Eye Makeup

* Apply a cream concealer on your eyelid to create a smooth base for your eye shadow.

* Use a liner pencil to draw your top lash line. Using the same pencil, dot between your lower lashes in a technique of tightly can stain the two lash lines with a q-tip or a brush.


* Scan powder shadow (dark brown, gray, and green job better) on your cover and your crease, mixing color and outside, said the artist NYC makeup Morgen Schick DeMann.


* Dust, a lighter (such as ivory) neutral eye shadow on only your brow bone. Or, to prevent the color from fading and give your eyelids one finish more brilliant, pat a shadow cream on the concealer on your lid first.

* Finish with two coats of black mascara


Red Smokey Eye makeup


Here’s a simple and quick and easy makeup look that is ideal for fall / autumn. I hope you like.

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  1. Firstly take a light blush skin tone eye shadow and apply it on the lids and into the front.


  1. Then, with an intense red shade apply this in the center of the lid and then mix this into the fold so that the edges are smooth and blended. Keep building until you are satisfied with the color.


  1. With a big soft brush take an orange tint burned and mix this into the fold and it will help the mixture of red with the fold and get that Smokey look.


  1. With a white shadow apply this on the inside to make your eyes pop and open corner.


  1. With the burnt orange shade again apply this on the lower and that lash line will bring the look together.


  1. Then apply a wing to your eyes. I suggest go pretty spectacular and a large just add something to the appearance that the rest of the eye is quite simple.


  1. Apply your mascara on your upper and lower lashes and then apply your fake lashes and that is for this look.


Simple Steps for a Smoky Eye

Nothing worse than a smoky eye that moves, smear, and installs in the fine lines of three hours in the night. Stop the smear before it starts with primer – mix on the eyelids and under the eyes to ensure that your makeup remains up past the last call!


Dark circles kill the sensuality of a smoky eye (instead of look at vampy, you will appear bruised). Swipe a Creamy Concealer along your eye using a brush or your eff – you finger. Secret Pro makeup artist: after mixture on concealer, use a fluffy brush to use translucent powder on the area under the eyes. The powder will catch the loose particles that you apply your eye shadow – when you have completed the look, gently slide the powder with a cloth. Flawlessness!


Beatable, seductive eyelashes are a must when creating a sensual look. Tighten gently down to the base of your eyelashes using an eyelash curler, hold for five seconds, then release. If you are really adventurous, blows the curler with heat from a hair dryer front of curling (heat tool makes your loop last longer!)


perfect pink and black shade smoky eyes

The pink and dark shading combo never gets old, it is best on darker – colored green eyes. It is also can work with any shade.

Apply dark shadow to the entire lid. This can be heavy on the eye and very bold. Be careful when using bright colors with this shape, if you are not looking to draw too much attention to your eyes.

9 Easy Step Brown Smoky Eyes Makeup

9 Easy Step Brown Smoky Eyes Makeup

Eyes are regarded as most beautiful feature of a person and they actually reflect one’s personality and real self. A woman’s and bag or purse is always full of essential products for makeup. Eye shadow, mascaras, eyeliner are its essential parts. Every woman wants to enhance beauty of her eyes with perfect Eye Makeup that can make her eyes look all-the-more impressive and beautiful.



A great gold smokey eye sample

gold smoky eye

Another perfect smoky eye sample;

An Impressive Smoky Eye 19

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