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8 Things that Your Lips Trying to Inform You About Your Health

8 Things that Your Lips Trying to Inform You About Your Health

We have over a million nerve endings in our lips, and they’re much more sensitive than our fingertips. They need special care. Sometimes they can say that we have some real problems with our health and that we need to pay attention to those conditions.

The lips that can be the mirror of your health, and we’ve found 8 signs that you may have a problem.

1. Cracks in the Corners of the Mouth


When saliva gets stuck in the corners of the mouth, it dries out so they can crack. You can lick your lips often, and the heat and humidity in the corners create the perfect conditions for infections.

Infection is the commonest explanation for these cracks. If it happens too typically, do not hesitate to go to the doctor.

2. Dry and Chapped Lips

Another sign about your health is the dryness of your lips, it can indicate a lack of moisture in the rest of the body. It could also be due to weather or stress. In this case, drink more water and use moisturizers.

Also, the cause of cracked lips may be an allergy. Please take care if you have other symptoms, such as itching.

3. Bump on the Lips

Bumps in the lips can be painful or uncomfortable, however, they’re typically harmless and can disappear without any treatment.

For example, there may be an injury after injection of hyaluronic acid. Also, reactions to food may cause these conditions.

It is very common for the cause to be a viral infection such as herpes and need proper medical treatment.

4. The Red Ring Around the Lips

One of the most common causes of the red ring around the mouth is lip licking dermatitis. Repetitive licking of the lips dries the skin’s, making it red and itchy.

Simple moisturizers and getting rid of this habit can solve this problem.

5. Wrinkles on the Upper Lip

If you start noticing wrinkles above the upper lip, there can be physical and emotional reasons.

Pay attention to your bad habits, such as using a straw to drink too much or smoking too much due to stress.

6. Discoloration of Lips

Blue lips may indicate poor circulation of oxygen in the blood. You can have the same symptoms on your fingers and toes.

White or pale lips can indicate anemia that requires medical attention. You may also have blood sugar levels, circulation problems or vitamin deficiencies.

7. Swollen lips

Swelling can be a sign of an allergic reaction. If you notice that your lips expand every time you use certain cosmetics, get rid of them.

If your lips getting bigger in a short time, call the paramedics.

8. Means of Black Spots on Your Lips

There may be several reasons for black spots on the lips, and you should not ignore them. The best option is to go to a doctor and diagnose them.

Hyper-pigmentation is a common condition that can cause brown spots. You can notice it not only on the lips but also on the cheeks, nose, and forehead.

Sunspots can also be a cause. In this case, you feel them more than you see them. As soon as the pre-cancer is taken into consideration, it is important to make an appointment with your doctor.

Your body can absorb a lot of iron from the food you eat.

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8 Things Your Lips Are Trying to Tell You About Your Health 01

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