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10 Quick Tricks For a Nicer Hair

Each of us dreams of beautiful hair. Of course, the beauty of each of us can look very different, once taking the form of unruly auburn springs, and other times long, blond sheet. But all we want our hair we simply liked. Appropriate care is certainly crucial, but there are some tricks that will make your hair look even better.

 Quick Tricks For a Nicer Hair

nicer hair1. Carry a brush – ALWAYS! 🙂 Of course are in the world these lucky ladies whose hair always look perfect, but usually, the wind and movement make the hair to pods and do not look quite as good as just after combed.

2. Try to smooth the hair conditioner/oil/skin cream and fold for a while in a bun – this will become smoother, shinier, disciplined, and if you are prone to laying it may even slightly undulate.

3. Use a dry shampoo to give volume at the roots – even if the hair is freshly after washing, and the limp is worth just reach for the cosmetic. Reflected from the base they will certainly look better.

4. Each mask and conditioner Apply by rubbing – you gain on time because I applied the product would work equally well, and perhaps better than when it is held on the hair for half an hour. You may also be surprised because even an average operating to date mask will give thanks to this method, a much better effect.

5. Learn to weave one and sleek braid – in the days when our hair simply look bad it is best to tie or pin up. Sam this point has not yet mastered, but I hope that eventually, I will, maybe joint action would help me? 😉

6. For larger output, Elnett paint is so good – paint by far the best I had. Hairstyle holds perfectly, and the hair is not one bit stuck and looks very natural.

7. Find your favorite method of curling hair without the use of heat – slightly wavy or curly hair always look thicker and are more effective. This hairstyle can be feminine/girly depending on what type of twist choose. I am also sure that everyone can find a twist to fit his hair type and face shape beauty 🙂 Well unless you completely we do not like curly hair, then you can let go of this point.

8. Use a silicone serum to add luster to hair – good silicone serum acts a bit like Photoshop. Hair in a second smoothed out and become shinier. I call it makeup hair 😉

9. Try kerosene cosmetic – perhaps you and in it will give the effect of “wow”. This granny, cheap and inconspicuous cosmetics can really work wonders and smooth hair better than silicones.

10. Give your hairstyle perfect shape corresponding cut – it’s really the base of the hair to look good. A good cut will emphasize our turn either add or take away the hair volume, depending on what you need. Make it that will look good no modeling or at least shorten the time to a minimum. Good cut will emphasize the facial features, aligns the proportions and make that we will look better 🙂

I’m curious what do you think about this list?

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